Your successful mediation is my ultimate mission.

David P. Meyers with group

Mediations almost always encounter both financial and emotional obstacles. My experiences as an attorney help to clear financial barriers. My life experiences help to navigate the minefields of emotion. I’ve gained uncommon experience and insight during my 35 years of complex civil litigation, trials, mediation, and work in tropical conservation. This background has deeply affected and defined my approach to mediation which focuses on fairness, transparency, creativity and carefully considered resolution.

In 2012, I returned to the private practice of law after a sabbatical devoted to tropical conservation and environmental issues. I now concentrate primarily on mediation. After decades of litigation experience, I am more convinced than ever that patience, peacemaking and cooperation can result in the resolution of the vast majority of legal disputes. As a neutral mediator skilled in the art of finding common ground, my service can be the crucial element to efficient and effective resolution. Few mediators have had the opportunity to practice that art by mediating conflicts under thatched roof huts in the Amazon Rainforest. But by working to bring villagers, illegal loggers and governments together through intense strategy and negotiation, I have found it extremely helpful to supplement my traditional trial lawyer role with new and enlightened pathways to success.

Mediation is simply the process of using a neutral person to help conflicting parties resolve their differences. Mediation can be applied to resolve a wide range of conflicts from purely personal disagreements to armed conflict among nations. In the limited context of civil litigation, mediation has a structure, timetable and dynamics that "ordinary" negotiation lacks. Trained mediators use a variety of techniques that have been time tested and often surprisingly helpful in bringing agreement to contesting parties. The process is private and confidential, and participation is typically voluntary. Resolution is always voluntary. The parties themselves must agree, or there is no resolution.

As a mediator, I am a neutral third party and help facilitate rather than direct the process. Yet my role is far from passive. It is my responsibility to facilitate clear communication and establish an atmosphere for cooperation. The process must feel safe, allowing full expression of emotions, and open discussions of each party’s interests. An effective mediator encourages the parties to be open minded without abandoning their self-interest. I may ask parties to consider actions or options that they had not previously considered. I may provide suggestions, but will never attempt to dictate the outcome or force unwanted concessions.